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Detroit Blues Society Member Bands
(with live links to their websites, press kits, and emails)

Note: Member bands are those that are either a Lifetime Achievement honoree or have a paid up Band membership. If the information on this page is incorrect, please contact the webmaster at: webmaster@detroitbluessociety.org

The Detroit Blues Society (DBS) is NOT a booking agency. By becoming a member of the DBS you are supporting the American musical art form known as the Blues in SE Michigan. If you are interested in performing at a DBS event, please contact the Board President at: steve.soviak@detroitbluessociety.org

Alberta Adams 586-879-6691 rjspd9@gmail.com

Anthony Gomes 312-409-2274 peter@petersonproductions.com

The Alligators  248-417-5092 dgk51@yahoo.com

Barbara Payton & The Instigators 313-318-9196 paytonbarbara@gail.com

Behind the Beat behindthebeatblues@gmail.com

Big Ray and the Motor City Kings brmckings@gmail.com

Big Shorty 248-410-0525 bigshortymusic@sbcglobal.net

Big Smooth and the Hellraisers bigsmooth2562@yahoo.com

Billy Davis Rhythm Machine 248-705-9444 & 586-899-8891 rod707@hotmail.com

The Blue Cat Band thebluecatband@gmail.com

The Bluescasters 586-764-2197 rodmanh@att.net

Blues Dog Inquisition 734-274-0429 bdibluesband@reverbnation.com

Blueshouse313 734-544-8469 blueshouse313@hotmail.com

Blues Syndicate Band 586-306-9037 TheGuys@bluessyndicateband.com

The Boa Constrictors (248) 249-5287 theboaconstrictors@gmail.com

Bobby Murray Band 248-249-2180 nagoya.kid@hotmail.com

Bob Connor 586-778-8118 bobnsue4@comcast.net

Brendon Linsley - Manager: Victoria Linsley 586-344-5540 or 586-383-3630 victoria5540@gmail.com

Bucholtz Blues & Boogie Band, Scott Bucholtz 269-449-8850 scott.bucholtz@yahoo.com

Cadillac Phoenix Blues Band odomac@yahoo.com

Carl Henry 586-588-3044 dobroman43@yahoo.com

Cathy “Diva” Davis 313-420-9216 detroitsowndivad@yahoo.com

Chris Canas Band 248-420-7490 or 248-437-3575 Atonett69@aol.com

Dale Robertson Band 734-274-0811 dalerobertson@live.com

Delta Twins 248-943-8833 info@deltatwins.com

Denise Davis and the Motor City Sensations 313-208-1663 LadyXaviersCEO@yahoo.com

Diana LaFuente Band dianalafuente12@gmail.com

The Detroit Blues Crew 586-212-5866 hummeldavid@sbcglobal.net

Detroit Blues All Stars 248-408-4674 eventfunrentals@aol.com

Dirty Basement Blues Band 248-525-8612 jammyjoe8425@gmail.com

Downtown Don Vermillion 248-882-5675 donvermillion@yahoo.com

Drug Store Cowboys 248-462-4091 Info@drugstorecowboys.com

East/Side West/Side 586-202-6063

Eliza Neals 248-867-8940 CoolStuff@ElizaNeals.com elizaneals@yahoo.com

Eric Kronner 248-321-0223

Freddie Cunningham & the Root Doctor Band (517) 862-8246   bgbball7@yahoo.com

Front Street Blues Band 313-522-5758 cousinbasil@woway.com

Full Tilt Boogie Blues Band 313-64500401 aged-ert@comcast.net

Garfield Blues Band rjblues23@aol.com

George Bedard and the Kingpins 734-355-9449 wendysmith@comcast.net

Steve Gornall ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Greg Ellis Blues Funk Band 810-701-4817 whoopellis@yahoo.com

Harmonica Shah Band  (313) 893-7354 or 248-249-5287 sallen8961@gmail.com

Heather Jones & the Groove Masters 810-81309679 hezwink1@yahoo.com

Howlin’ Mercy hmblues@comcast.net

Howard Glazer 313-582-5214 Howardglazer13@aol.com

Jason Bone 734-620-1798 jbonecaster07@yahoo.com

Jay Bird & Cannonball Underground featuring Nikki Pearse 313-348-2995

Jeff Grand & The Grand Masters 248-892-7011 jgrand71@gmail.com

Jeff Hoagland Band 313-505-3472 jhoagland1969@hotmail.com

Jennifer Westwood 248-797-8393 www.jenniferwestwood.com

Jimmy Lee Russell Band 419-350-9330 Jim-edu@hotmail.com

John Giordano 586-949-5474 jlgworkz@gmail.com

Robert Jones, Jr. ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Kathleen Murray  586-933-3517 kathleenmurray@yahoo.com Kathleen Murray 586-933-3517 kathleenmurray@yahoo.com kathleenmurray.net, thegroovecouncil@yahoo.com & kathleenmurray.net

Kenny Parker kennykool25@hotmail.com or for bookings call Kim Kelley at 519-903-0319

Kent Koller kent@kentkoller.com

The Keynote Sisters 248-520-5325 or 248-693-3638 info@keynotesisters.com

Lazy Lester ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Laura Rain & The Caesars laurarain@laurarain.ne

Lemon James lemonjames@mac.com

Leonardo Acoustic Blues 248-250-1796 leonardogia@me.com

Lonesome Dave Paul 586-263-6470

Lost City Band 248-LCB-2449 panchoalan@comcast.net

Luther “Badman” Keith   313-369-1597 badman@badmanbluz.com

Jim McCarty ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Larry McCray ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Metro Soul Band aka MSB 313-675-5691

Michael Lee firepowermusic@yahoo.com

The MillionAires 586-778-8118 bobconner@millionairesplay.com

Moonshine Stew sprgrdnr@aol.com

MotorCity Tones 586-549-4424 everybodyandtheirbrother@hotmail.com

Niecie Blue 313-433-5797 niecie@niecie.net

Odell “Blues Boy” D 586-777-6774

Paul Miles 248-910--3811 pauljmilesmusic@aol.com

Paradox 734-478-3839 dzuccaro@comcast.net

Pete “Big Dog” Fetters 734-771-2340 pete@petebigdog.com

Ray Kaan's Detroit Trouble 248-662-8239 raykaan@gmail.com

RJ Spangler  586-879-6691 rjspd9@gmail.com

Roadside Rick and the Breakdowns 810-300-1141 roadsidetfr@yahoo.com

Robert Noll (Psychild) 248-961-9423 psychild@me.com

The Rootshakers 313-523-1803 rootshakers@outlook.com

Rusty Wright Blues 810-496-3051 rustywrightblues@gmail.com

Sanctuary Blues Band (313) 910-0090

Sandy Mulligan & The Gypsies 248-303-2504 mulliganthegypsy@gmail.com

Second Class Citizens enaugle1@gmail.com

Kim Simmonds ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Smokin 45's 586-739-5698 info@smokin45s.com

The Speakeasies 313-903-3885 kpagonas@hotmail.com

Spoonful Blues Band 248-467-7088 spoonfulbluesband@comcast.net

Steelin’ Time 734-775-9798 steelintime@gmail.com

Steve Cox & The Hammers DETROITHAMMERS@gmail.com

Stroller Goat 248-909-6991 strollergoat@gmail.com

Sweet Claudette 313-404-0714 sweetclaudett@aol.com

Sweet Willie Tea and the Tea Bones (810) 762-5735 willie@sweetwillietea.com

Juke Dukes 586-604-1432 info@thedukejukes.com

Thornetta Davis 313-516-4084 bessieblues@aol.com

Tosha Owens 313-806-3724 toshaowens39@gamil.com

Triple Vortex - thelegendmi@yahoo.com

Vorpal Sword 519-739-6300 wmharefdude@sympatico.ca

Whiskey Brothers sales@junesupholstery.com

Kim Wilson ~ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Wixon Slim & The Wyze Gyze  248-960-9907 wixomslim@att.net

Zydeco Hepcats 313-580-6882 zydecocats@comcast.net



Detroit Blues Society
2006 Recipient for Best Blues Society

The Detroit Blues Society (DBS) is a registered federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, education, and advancement of the blues tradition, as it relates to the Metro-Detroit area. It has as its primary goals, to promote a wider appreciation for the Blues by the general public and to serve the members of the Society.